Pre-Prosthetic Care

  • IPOP prostheses
  • Shrinkers

Upper Extremity

  • Prostheses for all levels of amputation
  • Functional and Passive Systems
  • Myoelectric Systems
  • Cosmetic Gloves
  • Cosmetic Restoration

Lower Extremity Prostheses

  • Preparatory and definitive prostheses for all levels of amputation, designed to match the functional needs and goals of each patient.
    • Lightweight Construction
    • C-Leg/Rheo Knee/Hydraulic Knees
    • Harmony/VASS Systems
    • Silicone Suspension Systems
    • Multi-axial/Dynamic/Flex Feet
    • Endoskeletal/Exoskeletal Systems



Spinal Orthoses

  • Scoliosis (Milwaukee, Boston Charleston)
  • Hyperextension (Jewett, CASH)
  • Custom Body Jacket (LSO, TLSO)
  • Custom Fitted Metal Systems (Chairback, Knight Taylor)
  • Custom Fitted / Fabricated Corsets

Cervical Orthoses

  • Philadelphia, Aspen, Miami J
  • Soft Collars

Upper Extremity Orthoses

  • Dynamic / Contracture Orthoses
  • Static Orthoses (WHOs, WHFOs, FOs)
  • Fracture Bracing

Knee Orthoses

  • Custom Fabricated Hinged Knee Orthoses
  • Osteoarthritis (Generation II, Townsend, Don Joy)
  • Athletic / Sports Injury (Don Joy, Townsend, CTi)
  • Compression Knee Supports and Stabilizers (With or without joints or stays)
  • Knee Immobilizers

Lower Extremity Orthoses

  • Metal and Plastic Designs
    • Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFO)
    • Adjustable & Limited ROM Knee
    • Becker, Otto Bock, Horton Stance Knee
  • Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)
    • Dorsi/Plantar Assist/Resist
    • Limited Range of Motion
    • Tone Reducing Techniques
    • Composite Styles (Toe-Off)
    • Arizona AFO
    • Fracture Bracing
  • Heel Decubitus
    • Pressure Relief AFO (PRAFO)
    • Custom Rocker Bottom Walkers (CROW)
    • Custom Positional AFO
  • Dynamic ROM Knee Orthoses & AFO

Foot Orthoses

  • Custom Orthoses for Varus/Valgus Deformities
  • Ulcer Management
  • Orthopedic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoes
  • Shoe Modifications

Pediatric Orthoses

  • Custom Metal and Plastic Designs
  • Hip Management Systems
  • HKAFO, KAFO and AFOs
  • Corrective Shoes, Dennis Brown Bar


Breast Prostheses

  • Silicone breast prostheses
  • Custom silicone breast prostheses


  • Nipple Covers
  • Silicone bra strap pads

Mastectomy Garments

  • Post Operative Camisoles
  • Post Operative Compression Garments
  • Mastectomy Bras